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We didn't start the fire: Russian annexation, Pakistan, China takes Taiwan, Israeli bombs in Palestine and Lebanon. 2028 cascades in ever-escalating violence as as regional and major world powers continue to escalate long-standing geopolitical disputes.

Unprecedented use of nuclear weapons: Indian 'first strike' against Pakistan followed up quickly with conventional troop movements. Nation of Pakistan dissolved as millions displaced. UN has as of yet not yet made commentary as member states continue to focus inward on their own nations.

Surprise upset: National Peoples' Congress announces Zhu Lingyi, a scientist and former head of CNSA, as new general secretary to PRC in emergency session in wake of peaceful passing of previous head of Chinese state. Zhu: "We are a unified people, and through the hard work of our labour we will take our place in the stars."

New polling: 65% of global respondents see their nation as "on their own" in globally unstable world order. S̵̢̢̛̤̺̃̄̈́̌̆́͋̒Y̵̧͕̙̜͎̲̹̮̎͛̅͂̂̚̕͘͝Ș̴͍͎̖̞͙̩͆̂Ţ̵̛̱̹̘͒̎͂̍͛̈̆E̴̻̹̗̻͎̮̥͗̔̍͒̀̂̊̉͆͘̕͜M̵̧̻͔̣͉͖̣͈̀̓͠ ̴̧̜̘̝̮̮̗̣̠̪̹̪̣͉̱̆̅̆̀͋̑̒͗̕E̶̢̨̡̠̯̻̰̺̗̣̮̖͈͎͊̅̒̿̎Ȓ̴̟͉̰̰̩̘͊̉̿̔̊̎͛̓ͅR̶̢̹͇̺̤̣̀͊̇̉́͌̅̓̊͂͜͜͝͠O̶̦͎̥̼̖͇̱̠͔̘͛R̶͚̙̯͎͍̄̉̄̓̃̈́̐͑͂́͝ͅ:̵̙̯̊ THEY ARE LYING TO YOU. WORLD GOVERNMENTS AND THE GLOBAL MEDIA APPARATUS HAVE BEEN COMPROMISED BY ALIEN INTERESTS. THEY ARE LITERALLY CONTROLLING US.


Kusanagi Missile & Aerospace to acquire newly privatised KASA space assets and stellar land use claims. Sarbjeet Madrak, CEO Kusanagi M&A: "We are humbled to be able to continue the critically important mission pioneered here at KASA. The brilliant technical minds at KASA bring the right blend of expertise and industry knowledge to rise to the challenge of establishing a secure foothold for humanity among the stars."

North Korea brokers controversial South Korea security deal in wake of U.S. departure from Korean Peninsula. Significant public South Korean assets to be privatised to fund North Korean economic development as part of deal. What's old is new again: meet the NERVA technology powering the highly anticipated manned mission to send a manned mission to Ceres.


Legal experts debate whether President Guillon's moves to use emergency powers to merge FBI with Coast Guard into newly formed Homeland Defense Force is constitutional. "They are abandoning us." Civilians in Japan, Korea, Chinese Taipei worry for their future as US spins down military presence in Pacific theatre to make room for increasingly militarised North America. Pres. Guillon: "Our enemies are no longer to the east and the west. They are above us, and they are watching."

BREAKING: U.S. in 'absolute chaos' after assassination of president Roberto Turcios and Vice President John Mackenzie. Fringe claims of alien involvement rock a nation in turmoil. Under somber circumstances, speaker of the House Diane Guillon assumes oval office as first female president. Pres. Guillon: "The safety and security of the American people and the sovereignty of our nation are my highest priority in these trying times."

SEJONG, LUNA: "We are open for business as humanity's gateway and checkpoint to the new Solar frontier." -- Lunar mining and fuel refinery equipment arrive at Sejong Lunar Outpost in the Peary polar region of the Moon, establishing first large-scale interplanetary heavy industry. Finance desk: U.S. TikTok operations to be acquired by Virginia-based Iron Rose Media Holdings in wake of new legislation to reduce foreign influence in national affairs.


First man on mars: Zahid al Mansouri takes the first living steps on the red planet in private venture to establish Delphi, first "Martian City" envisioned by Dubai-based space firm Daedalus Group. Finance desk: New space race in light of alien arival has experts saying we are entering a 'golden age' of private space exploration.

'The Dublin Documents': Another set of classified documents has leaked to the public, exposing multinational research into alien presence on Earth. Claims include reference to "unknown subversive methods" used to influence prominent or influential figures. SpaceX: New probes launched in historic mission to asteroid belt to assess suitability for up-and-coming asteroid mining technology rush.


Roberto Turcios (R-UT) narrowly defeats 'dark horse' presidential candidate Sarbjeet Madrak in contentious U.S. electoral victory despite loss in popular vote. KASA probe launch in longshot mission to survey Ceres, projected to arrive in 2026. KASA spokesperson: "We are in an existential race to establish our presence in a new frontier that international territorial claims have yet to catch up with."

SEOUL, KR - Crowds cheer as former U.S. Air Force pilot Audrey Myeong is first woman on the moon in joint multinational mission to establish 'Sejong Lunar Outpost', edging out United States in first permanent lunar research habitat. "This time, we're here to stay." Science and technology: Breakthroughs in new electrothermap propulsion technologies 'promising' in race to develop re-usable and efficient orbital and interplanetary spacecraft.

Sarbjeet Madrak, charismatic celebrity entrepreneur CEO of east-asian rocketry firm Kusanagi Missile & Aerospace, announces late-cycle independant bid for U.S. presidential office after record low Democratic voter turnout. Space race: Rapid developments in technology project 'space mining' just on the horizon.

BOMBSHELL: Leaked government documents indicate that aliens have engaged in 'abductions' and other subversive activity on Earth, despite no formal diplomatic contact established at this time. Experts warn that if aliens were here to talk to us on even terms, they would have done so already. Who is Sudhir Kandahai? Here's what we know about the chief suspect in interpol investigation of high profile shooting of Evaline Katros, Canadian TV star and advocate for alien-worship new religious movement who call themselves 'Servants'.


Horrifying: Footage of propellant explosion on launch pad in highly publicised first manned rocket launch operated by joint Korean Aerospace Administration. Experts warn KASA is 'moving too fast and too loose' in repurposing North Korean launch technology for manned spaceflight. North Korean intelligence service denies allegations of involvement with recent wave of assassinations targeting so-called 'alien-supporters'

'Landmark' diplomacy: Historic deal brokered to fund joint Korean space agency in wake of U.S. reduction of presence in East Asia/Pacific. SK President: "Unprecedented times can make room for unprecedented opportunity. We see our allies and neighbours looking inward, but we must start looking outward farther than we have ever looked before if we hope to preserve the interests of humanity." From the business desk: Do renewed relations in Korean peninsula foreshadow a re-alignment of regional export markets?


Scientists have little answers: "We still have no idea why they're here or what they want from us." Nations across the world are scrambling in a new space race in light of alien arrival. Politication of space: "We've entered a new legal frontier", analysts warn as joint Japanese-American I.S.S. module mission is repurposed as 'Halsey Station' to enter orbit with claims of U.S. sovereign juristiction.

BREAKING: We are not alone. Confirmation of a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin crash landed in Ethiopia. CALGARY, CA - "We do not know their intentions, but in our shared humanity we will stand strong as one people in the face of adversity", in a press conference delivered by Eugenie Levasseur, Canadian ambassador to the Republic of Korea. Images from new James Webb Space Telescope identify 'unusual signature of alien origin' emanating from Haumea in the Kuiper Belt, indicating possible source of alien presence in Solar System.